SNF Grant Zusprache für Prof. Dr. Anna Bogdanova

Anna Bogdanova

Prof. Dr. Anna Bogdanova, Senior Group Leader from the Institute of Veterinary Physiology, is supported by the SNF for two projects with a very significant contribution: One project is a Sinergia collaborative project between her Red Cell Research Group, hematologists from the University hospital Zurich and Cantonal Hospital Winterthur and the Department of Applied Physics of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. The title of the project is "Pre-membrane and cytosolic water as a marker of red blood cell aging in vivo and in vitro". SNF supports Anna Bogdanova and her group to explore the changes in free and bound water in red blood cells during maturation and ageing of red blood cells in the body and during storage in a blood bank and develop new tools to monitor these changes. They are the coordinators of this 3 years-long project and look forward for starting it in October 2018.

The second project is a collaborative project between Germany and Switzerland (SNF so-called D-A-CH project): "Neocytolysis: Quantification, characterization, and mechanisms of the destruction of newly formed erythrocytes upon return from high altitude". Within this project teams from the Universities of Saarland, Heidelberg, Zurich and Pavia will study the differences in red blood cell clearance rates in healthy humans before, during and after their stay at the Research Station at Jungfraujoch for three weeks. This is a one year project. Congratulations!