Students at Faculties of Veterinary Medicine at Other Universities

An internship is possible from your third year of study. A good knowledge of German is an advantage, and at some clinics a requirement.

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Number and Duration of Internships

The Zurich Veterinary Teaching Hospital can offer four 12- or 8-week internships per semester.

Registration and Application Periods

You can only register via theDepartment of International Relations. As soon as we receive your registration we will send you a form where you can specify the desired dates for your internship. The clinics have to handle a heavy workload, so they're not always able to grant specific program-related wishes.

Definitive Assignment and Confirmation of Internships

Places will be assigned definitively three or four months before the desired internship starts. Once you've received notification of the place you've been allotted, please send us confirmation within one week that you will definitely be accepting it.

Areas Covered

The aim is to offer a program with internships spent one third each in small animal, equine, and farm animal clinics.
-  Rotations in the small animal clinic: Medicine, surgery, reproductive medicine, dermatology, radiology; to a limited extent anesthesiology, pets, cardiology, and intensive medicine
Large animals: Equine and bovine medicine, equine and bovine surgery, reproductive medicine; to a limited extent radiology, anesthesiology, and ambulatory clinic

Hours of work: Monday to Friday, generally from 7.30 am to 5 pm

Internships for several weeks in only one clinic are rarely possible, as internship places are taken by the clinic's own rotation students.


You must look for your own accommodations during your internship. Make sure you start looking in good time, as it can be difficult to find accommodations in Zurich.


During your internship you're not insured for occupational accidents, non-occupational accidents, or illness. For this reason please check the foreign cover provided by your health insurance or other insurance.