Room directory

Lecture Halls and Seminar Rooms


Number Room
TFA 00.44 Large Lecture Hall
TAT 00.07 Anatomy Lecture Hall
TDI 10.129 Microscopy Diagnostics Center
TDE 00.04 Clinic Demonstration Lecture Hall
TAT 00.13 Necropsy Hall

Class Rooms

Number Room
TKK 00.11 Media room
TFA 00.50 Group Workroom 1
TFA 00.52 Group Workroom 2
TFA 00.54 Group Workroom 3
TFA 10.21 Small Seminar Room
TFA 10.25 Large Seminar Room
TBA 00.05 Paraclinics Seminar Room
TAS 00.26 Meeting Room
TBT 00.15 Conference Room

Classrooms at the University of Zurich Irchel


Classrooms at the University of Zurich Irchel can be reserved at the Hörsaaldispo Irchel.

The Teleteaching Lecture Hall (Y-35-F-51) can be booked at the Vetsuisse Faculty Dean's Office dekanat(at) and at the Hörsaaldispo Irchel.