This section contains useful information on curriculum planning, instruction, and exams for
members of the teaching staff of the University of Zurich Vetsuisse Faculty. Please let us know if we've forgotten
anything important!   

Useful Information

Semester Dates 
Length of the semester and courses, lecture-free periods 

Mailing Lists
You can use mailing lists to send a message to all students of a particular academic year. 

Upload Course Documentation (link to German website)
You can use the document/script upload function to upload lecture and course documentation to the student document server. They will then be available in the OLAT course entitled "Dokumente der VSF" (VSF documents). Students will be notified when a new document is available. 

You can set up e-learning courses for your students on the OLAT learning platform.

Document Server for Teaching Staff
Important study-related documents (for example timetables and course outlines for the organ-centered modules) are available via http://vetdek-web.uzh.ch/fileshare/. You can request access at the Study Office.

Auditorium Services
Here you can find out how to check the availability of rooms, and book lecture rooms and workspaces at the Vetsuisse Faculty.

Submitting a Habilitation Application
Guidance on submitting a habilitation application

Evaluation of Teaching
Ordering faculty-specific forms

Master's Thesis Topic Exchange
Access to the Master's thesis topic exchange to submit and edit topics

Formative Evaluation of Students on Rotation (Link to German Website)
Instructors evaluate students in the fifth year of their course who are on rotation. They can adapt the evaluation criteria as they desire at the beginning of the rotation year.

Center for University Teaching and Learning 
Course program, observations, advice and evaluation, and other services