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Research in veterinary medicine does not only deal with animal diseases. Protection of the health of men and of the environment from pathogens of animal origin and biomedical basic research regarding relevant diseases in men and animals are important concerns of veterinary medicine as well.


With our research-based, interdisciplinary and goal-oriented way of working, we are one of the leading veterinary medical faculties in Europe. We identify with our tasks and on this basis we effect top performance. Thanks to our research-based teaching, we make a significant contribution to the future-oriented development of veterinary science.

Research strategy and research priorities

The overriding principle of research is freedom of research. The research is carried out independently, as far as possible funded by third-party grants and covers all areas from the natural science and basic veterinary subjects to applied clinical disciplines. In addition, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation, also beyond Zurich have a high priority. With our high quality research and results, we strive for high national and international reputation and visibility. We publish our research results in international (peer reviewed) journals and make them available to a broad public.
As a faculty we work on the following core research areas:


•   Digitalization

•   “One Health” with the following emphases
- Zoonoses 
- Drug resistance 
- Cancer research
- Metabolic diseases

•   Preventive veterinary medicine

Annual research output, faculty research priorities

Long-term goals

We create a work environment where researchers, educators and students can develop and which allows them to achieve challenging goals. In doing so, we assume that people can be enthusiastic about interdisciplinary work.

The cooperation at the faculty is characterized by mutual respect, support and commitment to cooperation. We actively seek cooperation with other faculties, clients and technology partners. In particular, we maintain the productive relations within the Vetsuisse Faculty.

The Vetsuisse Faculty actively promotes pioneering technologies.

The Vetsuisse Faculty operates with long-term sustainability and solid financing. In doing so, we are strengthening third-party funded research projects and are envisage the establishment of a foundation.

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