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Frequently Asked Questions

Concise answers to the most frequent questions

Where can I study veterinary medicine in Switzerland?

You can study veterinary medicine at the universities of Bern and Zurich.

Do I meet the admission requirements?

Talk to the University of Zurich's Admissions Office to find out what qualifications you need to apply to study.

Where and when do I have to register?

Applicants have to register electronically on ( by 15 February.
Late registrations won't be accepted.

Is there a restriction on admission (numerus clausus)?

To maintain the quality of the training, the number of places to study is limited (numerus clausus). If the number of pre-registrations exceeds the number of places available, an aptitude test will be held in July of the relevant year.

Am I eligible to study as a foreigner?

Applicants from outside Switzerland will only be admitted to study if they or their parents have a settlement permit (Permit C). You can get more information from the Admissions Office for Students with a Foreign Educational Background ( You'll need a very good knowledge of German.

There are special rules for Swiss nationals living abroad.
More information at:

How is the course structured?

The course lasts 5 years: 3 years for the Bachelor's degree, and 2 years for the Master's.   

What are the requirements for studying veterinary medicine?

These are some of the requirements:

an interest in medicine and science; curiosity and a desire to research and discover; good powers of observation; visual thinking skills; the ability to think analytically and work with your hands; motivation to learn; a love of animals; an interest in looking after and feeding our pets, farm and zoo animals; a willingness to do dirty work; a willingness to work irregular hours; resilience and stamina; perfect health (the course is physically very demanding); a love of dealing with people; a good knowledge of German; a knowledge of English.



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