Doctorate Program

The doctoral program in veterinary medicine with focus in natural sciences is offered in collaboration with the Science Faculty of UZH and includes a written dissertation and a curricular part (24 ECTS Credits) and final examination (6 ECTS credits). The specific composition of the curricular activities is determined together with the supervising committee. The doctoral program must be started no later than 3 years after obtaining the Master of Veterinary Medicine, and the doctoral program is usually completed within 1.5 years.

This doctorate program is intended to facilitate the students' access to the Life Science Zurich Graduate School.

The doctoral regulations of the Vetsuisse Faculty of the Universities of Berne and Zurich form the legal basis of the doctorate

Regulation on Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (PDF, 413 KB) (PDF, 311 KB)

In the doctoral program regulation you find the implementing provisions.

Doctoral program regulation (PDF, 86 KB) (PDF, 217 KB)

Application process

Ideally, scientifically interested undergraduate students, during their master's curriculum inform themselves in advance with their supervisors of the master thesis, whether the supervisors would also supervise them in the doctoral program. Interested candidates then submit their application for a pre-evaluation to Prof. Salomé LeibundGut-Landmann (

Form pre-evaluation (PDF, 276 KB) (PDF, 294 KB)

This is followed by the interview with members of the doctoral committee.

Form Interview (PDF, 208 KB) (PDF, 192 KB)

Upon admission to the program, students enroll for the next semester in the doctoral program. The confirmation of the successful interview must be uploaded with the application to the UZH.

The students conclude the doctoral agreement with their supervisors. The agreement is submitted to the Dean's office of the VSF.

Form Doctoral Agreement (PDF, 221 KB) (PDF, 240 KB)

Final module

Students need to pass the final module, before they can apply for graduation.

Form Final Module (PDF, 114 KB) (PDF, 114 KB)

Application for graduation

The doctoral student's guide will contain all the important information for graduation. The document is being processed.