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Vetsuisse Faculty

Studying Veterinary Medicine

It takes five years to study veterinary medicine. Once you've completed your studies you'll have to do a federal exam in veterinary medicine to earn your federal diploma as a vet and practice the profession in Switzerland.

Veterinary medicine involves the following:

  • Measures to promote the health and wellbeing of animals that are ill or have suffered an accident
  • Working to improve animal breeding, husbandry, and nutrition
  • Investigating, preventing, and treating diseases
  • Protecting people from harm through animal diseases
  • Monitoring foodstuffs of animal origin (veterinary public health)
  • Addressing issues related to animal welfare and environmental protection

Weiterführende Informationen

The Bologna Reform in Veterinary Medicine

The Bologna system has been in place for veterinary medicine since 2007. Bologna is designed to create a European Higher Education Area.