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Vetsuisse Faculty

Studying Veterinary Medicine

It takes five and a half years to study veterinary medicine. Once you've completed your studies you'll have to do a federal exam in veterinary medicine to earn your federal diploma as a vet and practice the profession in Switzerland.

Veterinary medicine involves the following:

  • Measures to promote the health and wellbeing of animals that are ill or have suffered an accident
  • Working to improve animal breeding, husbandry, and nutrition
  • Investigating, preventing, and treating diseases
  • Protecting people from harm through animal diseases
  • Monitoring foodstuffs of animal origin (veterinary public health)
  • Addressing issues related to animal welfare and environmental protection

Weiterführende Informationen

Bachelor and Master in Veterinary Medicine

The Bachelor lasts 3 years, the Master lasts 2.5 years.