Preparing to Study

Choosing Your Subjects

When choosing your concentration and complementary subject you should make sure you devote enough time to the following subjects: 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics




Experience with looking after pets and livestock is a requirement, and must be acquired outside your studies. Traineeships or internships in the area of veterinary medicine are recommended. Here are some options: 


Private Practice or Clinic

Occasionally taking your pet to the vet and experiencing the day-to-day work of a veterinary practice first hand for a protracted period are two very different things. Most vets are glad to take on interns. If possible make sure your internship lasts at least a week; that's the only way of getting a realistic insight into a vet's daily routine and the variety of work they do.  



Volunteer farm work is a great opportunity to get to know the environment vets work in. For more information and to sign

French- and Italian-speaking Students

In Switzerland you can only study veterinary medicine in the German-speaking part of the country. Very good oral and written skills in German are vital to be able to follow the course.