Master's Thesis Topic Exchange

At the beginning of the Fall Semester (1 October), students beginning the first year of their Master's degree receive a list of topics you're offering for Master's theses.

They do the main work on their Master's thesis in the second year of their Master's degree. Students must submit their Master's thesis at the end of August in their fifth year of study; you then have until the end of September to assess the theses.

Access for Teaching Staff Only:
The Master's Thesis Topic Exchange (Teaching Staff) contains the following:

  1. A list of topics offered at the Bern and Zurich sites
  2. Important documents for teaching staff and students, including:
    • Master's thesis fact sheet
    • Learning agreement
    • Template for writing a master's thesis
    • Evaluation matrix
    • Plagiarism statement

You'll find these documents once you've logged in under the Important Documents menu.

Deadlines and Milestones

Summary of the Master's thesis fact sheet

  • Beginning of the fourth year of study: Master's theses chosen
  • End of Fall Semester of the fourth year of study: learning agreement signed
  • Fifth year of study onward: definitive title entered in the topic exchange
  • End of August of the fifth year of study: last deadline for submitting the final version to the supervisor