Individual Doctorate

The doctorate in veterinary medicine is a scholarly thesis written under supervision. In writing their thesis, students acquire skills in conducting scholarly research in the field of veterinary medicine or related biomedical life sciences, including the ability to plan and conduct research as well as to evaluate and interpret findings and present them in written form. Doctoral students are usually employed during the dissertation.

Regulation on Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (PDF, 311 KB) (PDF, 311 KB) (PDF, 311 KB)

Guidelines (PDF, 460 KB) (PDF, 422 KB)

Curriculum Vitae (DOCX, 26 KB) (DOCX, 26 KB)

Title page (DOCX, 24 KB) (DOCX, 24 KB)

Requirements for structure and format (PDF, 46 KB) (PDF, 46 KB)


Form for co-referee (PDF, 466 KB) (PDF, 466 KB)

Jutta Bachofner from the Dean's Office must be contacted to submit the documents. There is the possibility of a personal submission or a digital submission.
phone: +41 (0)44 635 81 86, email: