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Vetsuisse Faculty

Dr. sc. med. vet.

Program Veterinary Medicine Science (Dr. sc. med. vet.)

The doctoral program which is run in collaboration with the Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB) at the University of Bern includes a written dissertation about an independent scientific research project, and is usually completed in three to four years. The program includes a curricular part of at least six ECTS credits. The specific composition of the curricular activities is determined individually by the doctoral candidate, the thesis committee, and the expert committee in the doctoral agreement.

Doctoral Degree Ordinance (PDF, 77 KB) (PDF, 77 KB)

Doctoral Program Regulation (PDF, 116 KB) (PDF, 116 KB)

Guidelines (PDF, 453 KB) (PDF, 460 KB)

Curriculum Vitae (DOCX, 26 KB) (DOCX, 26 KB)

Title page (DOCX, 15 KB) (DOCX, 15 KB)


Enrolment at the UZH

Postgraduate students with a veterinary degree and with supervisors from the Vetsuisse Faculty UZH apply for enrolment at the UZH. The admission can be granted only after the acceptance at the GCB.

Postgraduate students in-between planning and acceptance:

  • remain enrolled in the general docorate vet. med. and change the study program after the acceptance.
  • New candidates enrol in the general doctorate vet. med. and change the study program after the acceptance